Is There A Time Limit For When Someone Should Say I Love You ?

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As NYC matchmakers and dating experts for over 15 years, we tend to get some of the same questions from people. One in particular comes to mind, “Is there a time limit for when someone should say I love you ?” And the answer is not a simple, yes or [...]

Why The Big Effect Of Politics On Dating Today

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I’ve never witnessed such an impact on dating by politics, in my lifetime, from both a personal standpoint as well as in my years of business as a NYC matchmaker. Perhaps why the big effect of politics on dating today is the way we may be becoming tribal over something [...]

9 Important Dating Tips For Men Starting A New Relationship

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You’ve been on the dating app, you met through a friend or got the help of a professional matchmaker to meet someone. Here are 9 important tips for men starting a new relationship. Do what you say you’re going to do. It’s as simple as that. If you tell her [...]