As NYC matchmakers and dating experts for over 15 years, we tend to get some of the same questions from people. One in particular comes to mind, “Is there a time limit for when someone should say I love you ?” And the answer is not a simple, yes or no. Let me explain.

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t put a time limit on when someone says, “I love you”. But keep in mind everyone moves at different paces in relationships. One size does not fit all,

If you feel that after a while the two of you are not on the same page with where your relationship is going. Or if your feelings for each other are significantly different, then maybe you should consider moving on and finding someone who can reproduce the love you are feeling and giving.

What does it mean if your partner never says, “I love you”? Should you comfort them or break up with them?

If your needs aren’t being met and your partner doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about them, you should ask yourself if this is the type of relationship you want to stay in ? Communication is necessary but don’t rush the I love you part, taking time to get there is normal. Have a talk if you feel that the relationship or his/her feelings are truly not progressing.

If you say “I love you” but your partner doesn’t, what should you do?

Don’t freak out, give it time. You don’t want someone to say it just because you say it, you want it to be genuine. Let you partner say it when he/she is ready. If you’re still not hearing it or questioning whether feelings are mutual then have a healthy conversation about where you both stand and feel.


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