Is There A Time Limit For When Someone Should Say I Love You ?

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As NYC matchmakers and dating experts for over 15 years, we tend to get some of the same questions from people. One in particular comes to mind, “Is there a time limit for when someone should say I love you ?” And the answer is not a simple, yes or [...]

Why The Big Effect Of Politics On Dating Today

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I’ve never witnessed such an impact on dating by politics, in my lifetime, from both a personal standpoint as well as in my years of business as a NYC matchmaker. Perhaps why the big effect of politics on dating today is the way we may be becoming tribal over something [...]

New York City Matchmaking Services For The Ultra Wealthy

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When professional men with busy life styles are looking for a serious relationship, they turn to a small group of matchmakers who are trusted by the elite. An affiliate of one of these well known companies is Hunting Maven of New York City, offering New York City matchmaking services for [...]