I’ve never witnessed such an impact on dating by politics, in my lifetime, from both a personal standpoint as well as in my years of business as a NYC matchmaker. Perhaps why the big effect of politics on dating today is the way we may be becoming tribal over something as simple as how people voted in 2016.

With the 2020 elections right around the cover it again seems couples are breaking up due to opposing views. People are getting together as a result of similar viewpoints and choosing the same side. Even my recent appearance on a Fox News interview drew criticism from some people I knew.

Before the 2016 election, people were open to dating others with opposing political views. But not seeing eye to eye with someone’s stance on politics now is a common deal breaker. “Swipe left if you are pro Trump” is a trending clause on dating profiles.

This political divide has cut so deeply on an interpersonal level, people refuse to consider someone a potential match as soon as opposing opinions are revealed. Just yesterday a woman told me she would never go out with anyone who supports Trump. This is a unanimous outlook and decision, being made by daters today.

I think the reason people are allowing political views to weigh on their choices so heavily in dating today goes beyond politics. It’s a testament of their own moral fiber and belief system. Who you vote for is also a representation of your values and how you view the world, and that’s an important thing to consider when choosing a long term partner.

Opposites may attract, opposing opinions may prompt healthy debate and stimulating conversation, but relationships are stronger and longer lasting when two people’s values are aligned.

When you get right down to it, why the big effect of politics on dating today is part of our new reality.