Premier New York City matchmaker expands to West Palm Beach. Julia Bekker, founder of Hunting Maven, has expanded into West Palm Beach. The new matchmaking and dating coach business, Love Boss Matchmaking, has been in the making for quite some time. This  expansion is part of bringing the Hunting Maven brand nationwide.

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Julia Bekker was mentored by Janis Spindel who has been called the “matchmaker to all matchmakers”.  After working with Janis for over 8 years, Julia formed Hunting Maven to become a “love hunter” herself. Janis and Julia still work together on occasion.

Taking the accumulated knowledge and experience from countless consultations with women, feedback from men, bachelorette searches and dealing one on one with clients, in addition to her own personal experiences, Julia understands how difficult it can be to find the RIGHT one and has gained the skills to help.

She recognizes the struggle with prioritizing your time to keep
trying and is here to alleviate that burdensome feeling by
introducing you to people who hold future potential. Julia
believes that no one is perfect, but someone is right.
Under her supervision, you will never feel like you’re settling again.

Julia tells her own story as:

“Thanks to reality TV, everyone is now aware that matchmakers still exist in this day and age. I was working for a matchmaker long before this knowledge surfaced. Having to explain myself and my profession in detail was something I became very accustomed to. It often felt like I was defending my honor. Many people just didn’t understand what I did exactly and furthermore why anyone would pay to find love.

As I educated my audience about this concept, I realized that I truly believed in the process and was dedicated to helping people attain what everyone hopes to one day find. Years later, I separated from my mentor, world renowned matchmaker Janis Spindel, and gave birth to Hunting Maven. 

Through all that I have learned, in addition to my own personal experiences, I have gained the power to relate to what can be a very discouraging journey. I understand the disappointments as well as the struggle with prioritizing your time to get out there and keep trying. I am here to alleviate that burdensome feeling and replace it with hope and excitement.”

Julia is continually featured in the media with recent stories in the New York Post and Bravo TV’s blog.

With her database of vetted singles and network affiliates she is now offering her unique New York City brand of success to south Florida.

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