New York Post Dating Expert and New York City matchmaker Julia Bekker tells 5 ways to seduce him without touch. The founder of Hunting Maven and Love Boss Matchmaking knows a thing or two about dating

1) Flirt

Some of these suggestions might seem cliché or obvious but they work! Eye contact, a smile, batting your eyelashes, looking away in certain moments and then back with a sexy glare. All of these little gestures can really draw someone in. Stare at him just long enough to catch his attention and then look away. Make him come to you and when he does be confident and flirtatious, but not over the top. Throw in an innocent look every now and again and then move closer. If you are at dinner feed him dessert or whatever is on your plate with a spoon or fork. Put it in his mouth and remove it slowly. Take a sip of his drink while maintaining direct eye contact. These little tricks will have him wanting you in no time!

2) Look Hot

Show some skin, but not too much. Wear something that shows off your best assets. A nice slit in a dress so you can flash him a little leg is sexy, or a dress above knee length if your legs are your best feature, perhaps a moderately revealing top. Definitely wear heels, and your hair down, men usually prefer that. Make sure you feel sexy in whatever it is you choose to wear so that your essence controls the room, as well as him.

3) Make him feel sexy

Say things to make him feel wanted. While you’re around each other let him know he turns you on by telling him you like his scent or an article of clothing. Men aren’t used to getting compliments as often as women are, it will make him feel really good. Tell him you like the way his eyes light up when he talks about something, the way his jeans make his butt look or the way his shirt hugs his arms.  Randomly get close mid conversation and whisper something in his ear like “you look hot” and then casually go right back to what you were doing and/or saying.

4) Be mysterious

Every man loves a little mystery. They don’t want to know everything all at once, which is what they expect because women tend to talk, a lot. Arouse him by arousing his curiosity. Be calm, cool and collective, and a little withdrawn but show him just enough interest. Don’t share too much. Don’t make the conversation all about you, show him that you can discuss other things, topics that are interesting and show your intelligence. Choose your words widely. Let him in a little but keep him wanting to learn more. Tell him what some of your passions are, because a woman with a passion is enticing, but don’t elaborate too much. Switch the topic when he starts asking too many questions; ask him a lot about himself instead. Leave him needing more…

5) Leave him subtly sexy messages 

Entice him with your words and your voice. Whether it’s a text, a voice mail or a phone call, be soft and sweet using sexual innuendos or talk a little dirty but set a boundary by telling him you have to go. A call or text before bed is always a good move. Ask him what he wants to do to you next time he sees you, or tell him you can’t wait for him to show you exactly how much he misses you, in a sexy tone with a giggle or a wink. Those words will play on repeat in his head for days!

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