Spring love or Spring fling

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Ok it’s heating up outside, everyone is out and about with uplifted spirits as the warm weather has been long awaited for. We embrace this season with an overly anticipated, VERY friendly welcome. Men are especially grateful because the hotter the temperature the fewer the clothes! They get to be surrounded by ladies wearing less, exposing their legs and baring their curves. But amidst all the eye candy there is a heavy attraction that appeals not only on an aesthetic level.

Apparently, this season seems to trigger deeper thoughts such as actual romance and desire for love…believe it or not! According to Dr. Julie Albright from the Department of Sociology at the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, there is definite truth behind the old “love is in the air” theory that is associated with spring and summer time. “Hormones have a part to play in the warmer months, but not in the sexual way you might expect. Melatonin, the hormone that accompanies tiredness and sluggishness, is at a high in the winter, when the days are shorter and darker. As the days grow longer in the spring, the pineal gland produces less melatonin, so energy levels increase”. And, according to Albright, a lot of that new energy is put towards looking for love.

So here we have scientific proof backing up the concept of spring love, but somehow I question this theory. Is it really love or is there just a lot of lust in this warm air? Do spring and summer hold spots in the house of seasonal affective disorder? If winter is to depression as spring and summer are to love…why are so many people single, and happy to be in this season? Yes, the cold months where you just want to stay in and be cozy are over and now more people are out, which leads to more opportunities of meeting someone, but does that mean it’s love that people are looking for? We all know that New York is the REAL temptation island, anytime of year, especially in the spring and summer when seduction hovers over us, creating even more sexual urges and scandalous curiosity. Do we really want to commit now? Or do we want to explore our options? I see many people questioning their relationships around this time of year, creating reasons to break up. Men are out more with their friends and “clients” instead of having quiet and comfortable nights at home and ladies start getting antsy for that girls night out. But, many couples are taking trips together over the weekends as well, looking forward to their time away with coupled up friends on these beautiful days. So whatever your choice may be…love or fling, enjoy yourselves! Either way you have a lot to look forward to…