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I recently hooked up with a guy who I had been crushing on for a little while.
We met through a friend when we were out at a bar one night and didn’t see each other again for months,
but had both been asking our mutual friend about each other. So, finally the night came where we met again.

We had a great time and he ended up staying over…it was a good night and morning after He had to leave for work early so he threw his clothes on and ran out the door because he was running late. I met up with my friends later on that same night…not sure how I was even standing OR drinking again because I was so exhausted, but somehow I mustered up the slightest bit of energy to do so.
We were at a random little bar and stepped outside for a few minutes. The guys were teasing me saying “what did YOU DO last night???” because they saw how shitty I looked…and then about 30 seconds later I turned my head and saw the guy I was with the night before…who left my house THAT MORNING, with the SAME clothes on walking and waving to me. I was shocked to see him, as I NEVER ran into him before, and felt a little awkward but waved hi nonetheless.
As I waved and the sidewalk traffic cleared a bit, I saw that there was a girl walking behind him and he was holding her hand! Still smiling and waving at him with a somewhat stunned look on my face he continued to walk past me with a big smile on his face and then lifted his free hand to his mouth, held his finger to his lips and said shhhhhhh as he kept walking past me.
That’s right. He SHUSSHED me!!
Now I don’t blame him for dating other people, we clearly had no obligations to each other but to SHUSH me??? And, in addition go out with another girl that SAME night and have me catch him in action only 9 hours after he left my house…THAT is crazy!!! WHO does that happen to?? So, I turned to my friends and said “that’s what I did last night”. They just looked at me in disbelief, waiting for a reaction. And I said, yep, that just happened.
WOW. That just happened. Can you TOP THAT?!?!?!?!

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