Holy Foul

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One would think that a man that invites you over for a holiday meal would have nothing but the best intentions…right?

After several morning coffee dates, lots of texting and one hot kissing moment, said guy does just that. A very impressed and excited me gets all dressed up and cute for my little holiday date. Still looking forward even after he texts to say he is running late, an hour later I arrive bottle of wine in hand even though he was adamant about not bringing anything. The excitement lasted all of 10 seconds once I walked in. Long story short, dude is not excited at all, says nothing about my adorable outfit and invites me to sit on his filthy dog hair couch. Nice to clean up before a girl comes over for the first time. OK. Strike 1. Wine? Yeah No. He forgot that too! Still being upbeat and cheerful I suggest opening the wine I had brought. After 10 minutes of pulling conversation out of him, he starts shoveling food out of take out containers into my plate and his. Cold take out. I eat, pretending to enjoy it, still trying to make conversation. About 5 seconds after he is done eating, he turns around…apparently now its my turn! Clearly my mood was already such that the aggressive tonguing and rushed poking, prodding and touching did the opposite than was his intention. Strike 2, 3, and 4. After putting a quick end to this awkward exchange, we parted ways to continue the rest of our evenings separately. So much for “the nice jewish boy”.

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