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Relationship Recruiting for Selective Singles

No one is perfect, but someone is right.  

A boutique matchmaking service and consulting agency
catering to clients in a curated, tailored style.
Your suitors will be hand picked and thoroughly vetted.

We value quality and aim to provide a refreshing dating experience to
busy, relationship minded professionals.

Stop wasting time with the wrong ones.
Find your person with Julia Bekker, your very own love hunter.

We are New York City’s Expert Matchmaker and Dating Coach

For Men
For Women
For Men
For Women


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NYC Matchmaker and Dating Expert

The NYC Matchmaker for men and women who never
thought they would use a matchmaker!

With Hunting Maven you will only get quality. It is against everything I stand for to set you up with someone just for the sake of having a date. As a Relationship Expert it is my mission to help you find passion, balance and compatibility. You will be introduced to people who hold future potential, made up of the attributes and characteristics that are most important to you.

Success Stories

“I’m engaged and could not have done it without you. Thank you Julia for everything, especially your coaching. Not only did you help me find my life partner but you helped me transform myself. I am now more confident than ever with a high level of self worth.”


“Julia guided me to becoming the best version of myself. I am now someone I would want to date because of her!”


“I was beginning to think my person didn’t exist, then I found Julia, and she found them. I’m now married to them”

– SAM P.

As a matchmaker Julia just gets it. She knows what I want and more so what I need. She’s the best”


“Working with Julia has been such a pleasure and great experience overall. She really got to know me and introduced me to the person I’m with now.”


“Our lives are so busy, it’s tough to find that needle in the haystack but Julia nailed it with my FIRST match! I’m now with my soulmate and couldn’t be happier”


“I don’t know how she does it, but Julia has the ability to find the best quality people I’ve ever met! After being introduced to several amazing women, I am now in a long term relationship with my dream person”


“Julia has a knack for scouting and natural people skills. It’s as if she can see through your eyes. She introduced me to someone amazing, who is currently the love of my life. To say she is good at what she does would be a huge understatement”